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Mental Health Services

A compassionate group of trained psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and advance practice nurses provide support and symptom management for the psychological challenges that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Symptoms may vary in children and adults but typically include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep disturbance and other problems coping with very stressful situations.

A range of treatment options is available for both children and adults including individual, family, couples and group counseling; neuropsychological testing; and treatment plans and medications.

Health coaching and help with situations commonly faced by cancer patients and families is also available including:

  • Returning to work
  • Transitions in treatment
  • Support for children with cancer and healthy children whose parents have cancer
  • Tips and support for talking to children about cancer

If you or a loved one need psychological support, you have options:

You can contact the Patient and Family Resource Center at 919-843-0680.

You can make an individual counseling appointment by calling 919-966-3494.

If you or a loved one are interested in talking to others who have traveled the cancer journey:

PEER CONNECT is a free, confidential peer-support program that connects anyone touched by cancer with another person whose experiences with cancer are similar. This program is open to any patient or caregiver touched by any cancer type. You can contact PEER CONNECT at Icon indicating that a link will open an external site., Icon indicating that a link will open an external site. or call 919-401-9333.

To refer a patient or order a consultation:

Inpatient consult: Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison Service, page 216-3834. Please identify the request as a Cancer Hospital consultation.

Outpatient consult: 966-3494

Telemedicine Consult: 966-3494

The UNC Telemedicine Project is a network of High Definition Video Conferencing systems that will connect cancer centers, medical clinic, physicians and their patients in a “virtual conference room” that will allow physicians discuss patient cases face to face no matter where they are in North Carolina. This system will also allow more personal one on one physician to patient consultations for patient who are involved with the CCSP.  It is our mission to have this capability throughout the state in the near future.