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Developmental Research Awards

The Cancer Center offers one-year small grant funding for two developmental research award programs.

Download the Award Guidelines (PDF) 

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Population Sciences Cancer Research Awards

For the Population Sciences, funds are available for research projects in cancer prevention and control and cancer epidemiology, or in projects that bridge the basic and population sciences.  Cancer prevention and control projects include studies on the prevention and early detection of cancer, as well as cancer survivorship, behavioral and social sciences research, dissemination, and health services/outcomes research.  Cancer epidemiology research projects include but are not limited to studies on etiology and cancer risk.  We encourage applications that utilize available resources such as ICISS, the UNC Survivor Cohort Study (Health Registry), patient-reported outcomes, and evolving electronic health records systems. For example, research projects that use ICISS to address methodological questions related to linking and interpreting linked claims data; projects using the Survivor Cohort to address clinical questions; and innovative uses of patient-reported outcomes data.  Projects using these data sources to address priority questions in survivorship and health disparities are particularly encouraged.  In addition, inter- and trans-disciplinary applications that bridge genomics, epidemiology, and behavioral disciplines are encouraged.

Clinical/Translational Cancer Research Awards

For Clinical/Translational Research, pilot clinical trials are especially encouraged, including projects that involve or will lead to an intervention (drug, device, behavioral approach, other) upon which you will base treatment and measure patient health outcomes. Projects may include studies using human subjects or human materials (blood, tissue, x-rays, etc.) with direct application to cancer diagnosis, treatment, or survivorship (including quality of life issues).  Projects that feature collaborations between basic scientists and clinical researchers, or that clearly demonstrate basic and clinical expertise, are also highly encouraged.  All topics are welcome. 

2013 Awards

To view 2013 Awards:
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UNC Chapel Hill faculty, fellows, residents, and postdoctoral trainees are eligible, although the emphasis is on applications from faculty.  Applicants who are not Cancer Center members (including fellows, residents, and postdoctoral trainees) must have a member sponsor.


The Center anticipates making several one-year awards of up to $50,000 each. Funding for these awards is made possible by support from private donors, including the Carolina Capstone Challenge, the National Cancer Institute, and other grant funding.