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University Cancer Research Fund updates, record poster session highlights of 2011 scientific retreat

by maryruth.helms — last modified May 27, 2011 01:51 PM
The sixth annual UNC Lineberger scientific retreat drew a record number of posters – 68 – for the poster session and competition – and close to 150 people for the talks and reception.
University Cancer Research Fund updates, record poster session highlights of 2011 scientific retreat

Ontario Cancer Institute director Dr. Ben Neel, with UNC Lineberger director Dr. Shelley Earp

The retreat featured talks by Ben Neel, director of the Ontario Cancer Institute; UNC faculty and fellows and an update on UCRF and UNC Lineberger from Shelley Earp, director. Following the talks was a reception and poster session. View poster showing retreat agenda. An icon indicating that a link opens a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

Speakers included: Genetics/Genomics Theme Team - Terry Magnuson, PhD, theme team leader; Piotr Mieczkowski, PhD; Corbin Jones, PhD; Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD; Will Jeck, PhD; and Kim Rathmell, MD, PhD.

New Therapeutics Theme Team - Ned Sharpless, MD, theme team leader; Patrick Roberts, PharmD, PhD; and James Duncan, PhD.

And, the Optimizing NC Cancer Outcomes Theme Team -  Andy Olshan, PhD, theme team leader; Kurt Ribisl, PhD; and Bill Carpenter, PhD.

Winners of the poster competition were awarded $250.00, first prize; $150.00, second prize; and $100.00, third prize.

Basic Science Winners

basic science winnersFirst Place: Stephanie Smith-Roe, UNC postdoctoral fellow: “Contribution of the Replication Fork Protection Complex, Timeless-Tipin, to Multiple Genome Maintenance Functions.”

Second Place: Hao Chen, NCCU postdoctoral fellow: “Pax9 is Critical for Development of Esophageal Epithelium.”

Third Place: Emily Fontenot, UNC clinical fellow: “A Monoclonal Antibody to Secreted Frizzle Related Protein 2 Inhibits Angiosarcoma Growth.”

Third Place: Rebecca Sinnott, UNC graduate student: “Elucidating Molecular Mechanisms that Modulate Mitotic-Stress Induced Death.”

Clinical/Translational Winners

Clinical WinnersFirst Place: Lee Mullin, UNC graduate student: “UltrasoundMediated Nanoparticle Drug Delivery: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Studies.”

Second Place: Matthew D. Wilkinson, UNC postdoctoral fellow: “Lung Cancer Patients Exhibit a Genomewide Chromosomal Instability and DNA Methylation Correlation Which Varies by Expression Subtype.”

Third Place: George Chao, UNC graduate student: “Loss of BRCA1-dependent DNA Repair Genes is Associated with Basal-like Breast Tumors.”

Population Sciences Winners

Population Sciences WinnersFirst Place:  Christina DeFilippo Mack, UNC graduate student: “Racial Disparities in Receipt and Comparative Effectiveness of Oxaliplatin for Stage III Colon Cancer in Older Adults.”

Second Place: Dori M. Steinberg, UNC graduate student: “Are There Negative Consequences to Daily Self-Weighing Among Overweight Adults?”

Third Place: Leah L. Zullig, UNC graduate student: “Organizational Factors Associated with Patient Accrual into Community-Based Cancer Clinical Trials.”

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