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McCrory family’s Olympic experience “the dream of a lifetime”

Ana McCrory and her family went to London to cheer on Nick McCrory, their son, who won a bronze medal in men’s synchronized 10m diving.


McCrory's after the finals
McCrory's after the finals

She says, “Team USA had a fantastic couple of weeks, and we are so proud of Nick for all he's accomplished in his first Olympics.  We were excited that he made the Olympic team, and when he won the medal we were ecstatic. The team did so well.

“London was a wonderful host, exceeding our wildest expectations. People were so friendly and gracious. London provided a wonderful experience for everyone who came there from the whole world. Everyone is talking about this being one of the best Olympics ever!

“We met so many wonderful people. Proctor and Gamble sponsored a hospitality house where all the Olympic families came through. We were able to meet so many Olympians, including gold medalist beach volleyball player Misty May Treanor.  A mother I met there was saying, ‘This is what the Olympic family is. We have all been through different experiences but we’re here and we can all share and get to know each other.’

“Arriving home from the airport, every mailbox in our neighborhood was decked out with red, white, and blue balloons. It was so special.”

Since he has been home, Nick has visited the Chapel Hill Senior Center with his grandmother. And, Ana says, as he has been out and about, people have recognized him and offered their congratulations.

“I felt so welcomed at the Olympics and so honored to be a part of it and represent the US and represent what my son has achieved along with all the others.”