2012 Melanoma Patient Day Symposium

Close to 100 patients and families gathered at the Friday Continuing Education Center on February 15 to participate in the Melanoma Patient Day symposium.

The event, sponsored by the Melanoma Research Foundation, the UNC Division of Surgical Oncology and the UNC Department of Dermatology, featured talks by faculty, staff and a patient’s family.

David Ollila, MD, UNC Melanoma Program co-director and professor of surgery, welcomed participants and opened the symposium.

Antony Young, PhD, from the St. John’s Institute of Dermatology at King’s College of Medicine in London, spoke on “Sunscreens: Can They Protect Against Skin Cancer?”

Nancy Thomas, MD, PhD, Irene and Robert Briggaman Distinguished Professor of Dermatology and UNC Melanoma Program co-director, spoke on “Diagnosis of ‘Pink’ (Amelanotic) Melanoma.”

Keith Amos, assistant professor of surgery, spoke on “Why Does My Scar Look Like That? Understanding Surgical Margins for Melanoma.”

Justin Baker, MD, a fellow in the department of surgery, spoke on “The Current Role of Lymph Node Surgery in Melanoma Treatment.”

Patricia Long, RN, MSN, FNP, nurse practitioner with the UNC Melanoma Program, spoke on “High-Profile Melanoma Patients: Under Utilized Resource.”

Georgina Long, MB, BS, PhD, FRACP, a medical oncologist from Sydney, Australia, spoke on “The BRAF Story-From Target to Treatment and Beyond.”

Stergios Moschos, MD, a new medical oncologist at UNC, spoke on “Understanding the Biology of Melanoma Brain Metastasis as the Basis for More Rational Treatments.”

The symposium’s final speakers were the parents of Stephanie McDonald, a pediatric melanoma patient of Dr. Ollila. Her parents, Debbie and Chris McDonald, spoke about the family’s experience.