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Susan T.  Ennett

Susan T. Ennett

  • PhD
  • Cancer Prevention and Control

  • Professor and Doctoral Program Director, Heath Behavior
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • 919-966-9207
  • 311 Rosenau Hall Chapel Hill, NC

Area of Interest

Dr. Ennett studies the etiology and prevention of health risk behaviors among adolescents in both the general population and high-risk subgroups. Her primary focus is youth tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. She is currently conducting a longitudinal study of peer network, family, and neighborhood contexts that influence trajectories of youth substance use and violent behaviors from middle school to high school. She is also collaborator on a national study of current practice in school-based tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use prevention programs. A primary emphasis of that study is identification of factors related to the dissemination of evidence-based programs. Dr. Ennett was co-investigator for a recently completed study that evaluated the effectiveness of a family-based program, Family Matters, designed to prevent tobacco and alcohol use among youth. Results indicated that one-year after the program, the prevalence of cigarette smoking and alcohol use were significantly lower among adolescents in families that received the program than among adolescents in families that served as controls. The cancer-relatedness of her research is evident in her focus on understanding and preventing youth smoking and other tobacco use.

Awards and Honors

Due to high methodological quality of the Family Matter's evaluation, described above, the Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention (CSAP) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded Family Matters its highest status of Model Program.